Wanting You an Unapologetic Merry Christmas!

In a culture today, it is not politically correct to wish others Christmas Greetings. And yet, Christ bore His cross for us, understanding full well that His message of reconciliation and redemption would not be prominent with the political and social elite. The very least I can do is pick up my own small cross and take the chance of an empty gaze or extreme word in return.

Probably non-believers or those of various other faiths will be upset by these words. When we wish someone a “Merry Christmas,” we verbalize our desire that one more of God’s production experience the message that Christ brings: God’s Love, Peace, and Joy is for us all. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheistic, or uncertain, these presents and God’s poise are what He desires for us. “Merry Christmas” indicates I desire them for you too.

Merry Christmas!

We Christians complain concerning the mainstream media and the commercialization of the Christmas period. We misery over their alternative of “Xmas” for “Christmas.” For the record, abbreviating Christmas Images as “Xmas” existed long in the past political accuracy was birthed. “X” is the Greek letter “Chi” and was made use of to represent Christ as very early as the 9th century. Christ in Greek is “Xristos”. Considering that the initial messages were written in Greek and later translated right into other languages, using this abbreviation is perhaps scriptural. Lots of, specifically the mainstream media believe they have been successful in “removing Christ from Christmas.” And yet, He continues to be however as it should be. The concern for those people that believe remains: Will we eliminate Christ from our discussion or will we share truth spirit of Christmas with others?

Wanting You an Unapologetic Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of delight and giggling, a time of peace and brotherly love, a time of family and friends, and most of all a time of keeping in mind and commemorating the birth of Jesus. I have a t-shirt that I like to wear throughout the warm summertime that merely says, “Christ is Christmas”. Remember Him during the New Year. Remember Him during the springtime, summer, loss, winter, along with on Christmas. Ideally, when you are looking into at the “After-Christmas” sales the cashier can claim.