Different Botulinum Toxin Types

One of the easiest and splendid result oriented ways of looking younger and wrinkle free is by making use of the product Botox. It is the one which is taking the cosmetic market for a ride. Be a professional cosmetic surgeon or just an individual the wrinkle free skin is being liked by all. For this, there are many things which are being used by people. But these have tremendous amount of side effects which restricts the people from making use of these products.

There are other products in the market which can make you to look younger and wrinkle free, but this has grown extremely popular in last few years, it is because of its unique and diverse properties. This procedure is extremely simple, quick and very effective in nature. Ever wondered how it works? It is very simple, Botox is nothing but a bacterium which is injected into the facial muscles as a result of which it blocks the nerves of muscles which is responsible for the contraction of your muscle. Apart from wrinkle protection the Botox also serves multiple purposes like it is being used in the cases where there is excessive sweating in the underarm, overactive bladder, depression, neck spam and few others as well.

Different Botulinum toxin types

The Botulinum toxin types actually come in various varieties depending upon the necessity. Everything has its own effects and its own way of functioning. The compositions and the things which are being included will vary from one to another, that is the reason why there is a difference in the types of toxins. There are actually seven neurotoxins which are being labeled as the type A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Out of these botulinum toxin types, the types A and B are the ones which are being widely used. The Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are a form of type A of the botulinum toxin where as the Myobloc is a type B of the Botulinum toxin. Out of these the type A and B are the ones which is commonly used among the human beings. The type C and D of the Botulinum toxin has its effects on animals, so by this we can come to know that this is the one which is being used for animal life.

The substance which is being used in the Botox procedure is nothing but the bacterium clostridium botulinum. There are certain types of injections which need to be used depending on the requirement. It is not that all these can be used as multipurpose aid. There are different types of botox injections which are Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Myobloc. All these are the types of toxins of botulinum are discussed over here.


Botox is the toxin which can have its effects for a maximum period of about four months. The cost of the botox is higher than that of the Dysport. The rate of functioning of the Botox is lesser than that of Dysport.


Dysport is the toxin which can also withstand for a period of up to four months similar to that of Botox. The cost of Dysport is much less than that of Botox. Dysport functions quickly than the Botox.


Xeominactually contains no additives and thus there is no requirement of any refrigeration. According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics it can actually last longer than Botox. It is always suggested that people become less resistant to Xenomin injections because of its purity. You may refer this https://lerablog.org/for Botulinum toxin types and its treatments.


Myoblocactually contains botulinum toxin of type B and it is actually suggested that it can be of great help for the people who have become immune to Botox and Dysport.

Every drug has its own side effects and one needs to go through these things, there is no other way to go. The side effects are also something which needs to be discussed. Some of the most common type of side effects include headache, eyelid drooping and others, apart from these there are also serious problems which are being caused by these they are trouble in breathing, issues with the vision, heart problems and trouble while talking or swallowing. These are some of the serious complications of using the botulinum toxins.